This image simultaneously captures the instantaneous velocity field and OH distribution inside a model gas turbine combustor.

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Welcome to the Propulsion and Energy Conversion Laboratories. Here lasers probe flames, computers compose turbulence, and minds engage to push the boundaries of aerospace propulsion.

At the Propulsion and Energy Conversion Laboratories, we focus on different aspects of propulsion and energy conversion by exploring turbulent reacting and multiphase flows. Often, we aim to engineer such flows to improve certain features of propulsion engines. These could be mitigating thermoacoustic instability; designing a better temperature distribution at the turbine inlet or stabilizing flames in supersonic flows. Often, we also investigate very fundamental aspects of the complex interactions between turbulence, chemical kinetics, and/or thermodynamics to discover new phenomena and improve fundamental understanding.

While our primary expertise is experimental propulsion research using laser-based diagnostics, in principle, our research philosophy tries to eliminate borders of engineering and science in approach or publication venues or in between experiments, theory, and computations. We settle to work on a new or unresolved problem of high technological-scientific impact and learn/adapt to the tool that is best suited to tackle it irrespective of it being a sophisticated laser-based diagnostic, Direct Numerical Simulation or analysis without compromising on rigor and depth.

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